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    Salut cher.
    mon nom est Mlle annithar, je suis tombé sur votre profil et je l'ai personnellement intérêt à être votre ami. Je voudrais savoir plus sur vous. S'il vous plaît, je voudrais que vous me contacter sur mon adresse email privée au (annitharmbia@yahoo.com) pour me permettre de vous envoyer mes photos et vous donner plus de détails sur moi.
    Espérant avoir de vos nouvelles bientôt;
    Votre ami ANNITHAR (annitharmbia@yahoo.com)


    Hi dear.
    my name is Miss annithar, I came across your profile and I personally took interest in being your friend. I will like to know more about you. Please I will like you to contact me on my private email address at (annitharmbia@yahoo.com) to enable me send you my pictures and give you more details about me.
    Hoping to hear from you soon;
    Your friend ANNITHAR (annitharmbia@yahoo.com)

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    As far as Islamic, moral, humanitarian, missionary aspects are concerned, the issue should be dealt with according to the approach of the Generous Messenger, his Faithful Successor, and his Infallible offspring (May Allah's prayer and peace be on them all); the righteous, just, clear, straight, divine approach that was embodied in the actions and sayings of the Infallible Imams (peace be on them):

    A-It is reported that the Prophet Mohammad (May Allah's prayers and peace be on him and his family) said: That who liked the action of particular people will be made taking part in their actions when Judgment Day comes.

    B-It is also narrated that the Faithful Successor (Imam Ali) (peace be on him) said: Beware of doing fraud, the fraud is one of the moralities of the mean.

    C-It is narrated as well that the Last of Messengers (May Allah's prayer and peace be on him and his family) said: Who cares not of Muslims' affairs is not one of them.

    D-In a letter from the Prince of Believers (Amir Al-Mumineen) (peace be on him) to Malik, He (peace be on him) wrote: And make your heart feel mercy, love and kindness towards fellow-citizens , and be not as cruel as fierce beast seizing their bread; for they are two types: (1) either a brother to you in religion (2) or equivalence to you in features. ::

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    +5 bonne soirée

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    Bonjour , jeune homme :)